Who is Super Que, LLC?

Super Que, LLC was organized to promote the development and distribution of Everett & Jones Barbeque food products in retail form. It is composed of and run by members of the Everett family. Super Que, LLC is financially and organizationally independent of the other Everett & Jones Barbeque companies.

Super Que has recently completed the design and bottling of Everett & Jones Barbeque's highly acclaimed barbeque sauce. It is not the first time the sauce has been bottled or been available to the public in retail form. In 1983, Everett & Jones Barbeque contracted with a distributor to bottle, promote, distribute and sell the sauce for the family. The sauce, marketed in 12 oz. jars and half gallon plastic bottles, was carried by Macy's, Safeway, Price Club and other retail food stores in the San Francisco Bay Area.

While the bottled sauce was received enthusiastically by the public, the contract with the distributor was not renewed. Based on the lessons from that experience, the family reintroduced the sauce to the retail marketplace, this time under the Everett family's direct oversight.

Super Que is outsourcing the bottling of our sauce and has contracted with distributors to deliver the products. This allows the company to concentrate on sales and sales support, new product development and marketing. While Super Que is focusing its distribution efforts on the immediate San Francisco Bay Area we are interested in expanding into other Western markets and are investigating select international markets.

Additional retail food products are being developed to include the meat seasonings, canned collard greens and baked beans and finally, pre-prepared barbequed meats including the family's links and ribs. Additionally, Super Que is responsible for production and distribution of souvenir t-shirts and other promotional materials.

The family has never been directly involved in the distribution of retail products. However, Super Que managing members believe that the organizational experience gained from opening and operating numerous restaurants over the past 30 years have given us the necessary organizational foundation to develop the retail product side of the business. The family's direct involvement and motivation is a valuable additional asset toward making the retail products division a success.